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Frequently Asked Questions

The tour above explains everything about the business and the products. For more information about the products, please visit your coach's page in the Getting Started drop-down above, and click the links on their page for information about specific products. 

If I join Isagenix® as a member just so I can pay the wholesale price, am I required to sell stuff?

No. Creating a wholesale membership account with Isagenix® is simply like opening a Costco® account. The only difference between Isagenix® and Costco® is that Isagenix® also gives you your own web site and will thank you in the form of cash when you refer new members to them. We all use products every day that we tell others about. Since Isagenix® doesn't spend any money advertising, this is how they get new customers. The money that would have been spent on advertising goes to you instead. If you absolutely, positively never want Isagenix® to send you money, simply pay retail. More than 80% of Isagenix® customers do NOT "do" the business, and like us, just wanted the products because we saw how effective they were for our friends.

Why do I have to set up an AutoShip?

Isagenix® products are food, and food needs to be fresh. Therefore, instead of just filling up a warehouse with products hoping they will eventually sell, Isagenix® only creates the amount of products it needs each month to fulfill expected orders. This also saves the company money, and those savings are passed along as lower pricing for those on autoship. But don't worry ... you can change your autoship at any time so you never receive products you do not want. If you are doing Isagenix as a business, your Autoship must stay at 100BV minimum, which is around $150 worth of food.

What if I want to do this as a business? Do I have to bug my friends and family?

We don't believe in bugging ANYONE about the Isagenix® products or business ... or anything else for that matter. Most of the members of our team got involved simply to get the wholeale pricing on really delicious, healthy, organic, non-GMO food. We all simply fell in love with the food and would buy it and eat it even if Isagenix® didn't pay us a penny. Here's the funny thing about this business. Once you are hooked on the food, looking great, and feeling great, people notice. Suddenly you find yourself sharing when you never intended to. So, embrace the idea of the potential for free food and wholesale pricing in the meantime. There's absolutely nothing to lose.

You're interested in the business but don't think you'll be able to refer anyone?

As a member of our JustThrive team, we will show you exactly where to find other people like yourself who are ready to start a home business today. Frankly, the network marketing business model is fantastic. But people DO fail, and they all fail for the same reason: failing to market their business. At JustThrive, marketing is what we do best, and by combining the business WITH the marketing you can reach your goals faster and easier and have a heck of a lot more fun doing it

Is it really possible to make a living at Internet Marketing?

Absolutely. I retired from my day job over 10 years ago thanks to Internet Marketing, and there are hundreds of thousands of people who make a full-time living online from the comfort of their computers. Isagenix® has created hundreds of millionaires and it is only an 11-year old company. When you combine great products that people need and want with a marketing system that pays you to learn how to market successfully, you have the potential to earn any level of income you desire.

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